Time Heals All Wounds. . . sort of.

Well, it’s ten days after Coachella and the wounds are healing. We managed to make the most of a disasterous weekend by driving through Joshua Tree, reading all the posts we could find on the web about everything going wrong at Coachella while we weren’t there, and then starting this website, facebook page (facbook.com/clsterfckchella) and Twitter (clsterfckchella).  By Monday, we were feeling  a little better and now it seems we’ve moved on from it all.  Some of us bought tickets to local shows of Coachella bands we missed, others dove straight back into work, and all of us started dreaming about next year and how we hope to get back what we lost.

But that got me thinking. Even with all of the rants and raves, blogs and articles enumerating the things that went wrong at Coachella, what assurance do we have that Goldenvoice will make any changes. And if they do, will Coachella actually go back to what it was before?  Goldenvoice can reinstate the single day ticket, get rid of the writstband system, limit the camping, limit the number of people, get rid of ins and outs, organize the acts on each stage better and find a way to get rid of scalpers/counterfeiters, but will Coachella ever be the same again.

On my flight back to San Francisco on Tuesday morning, I had the joy of listening to several groups of guys/girls talk about their Coachella experience. What I noticed about these particular passengers was that they were not people I would hang out with at a music festival. They were young, trendy, douchebag types.  Coachella was essentially a whole new world to them and they loved it. It didn’t seem to be about the music at all to them. In fact, I hardly heard mention of any of the bands that played.  It was more about what they did (drugs, drinking, staying up late, acting ridiculous) and who they ran into (friends, celebrities, etc.), than the quality of the music. They went not for music but really the experience. And I guess there’s nothing wrong wtiht that.  But is this the Coachella-goer of today and of the future? Will all of the rest of us get tired of  these people and stop going.

We’re definitely going to go in 2011 to find out if Coachella has been forever lost. I’m hopeful that the amazing atmosphere, vibe, music, style, and crowd will return next year. But at the same time I won’t be surprised if the festival never gets back what it lost.


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Clusterfuckchella comes to an end. Now what?

We’ve spent the weekend outside the festival reading all the message boards, tweets, facebook posts and email comments from others who were scammed by scalpers/counterfeiters, those who waited in long lines to get in, many with parking horror stories and everyone feeling the crunch of too large a crowd at the 2010 Coachella Festival.

Now that it has come to an end and it seems the consensus is that it was in fact a huge ‘clusterfuck’, what can we as fans do to get our old Coachella back? We can make sure that Goldenvoice knows everything that went wrong. So here’s how we break it down:

1) The Three-Day pass only – worst idea ever. By selling single day tickets, Goldenvoice forced more people to attend each day, creating the overcrowding and the scalpers scammers market. the ticket conversion to wristband process also made for long lines.

2) In’s and Out’s – had to be done to accommodate the three day pass, but made for more drunk guests and likely had impact on all the vomit stories we heard. Also contributed to scalped wristbands and people sneaking in and making the event more crowded

2) Insufficient staffing – too few staff on hand EVERYWHERE. Where are the parking attendants from years past? why are there only 9 staffers scanning tickets? Why do none of the staff have consistent answers? Was there no training? Are they really volunteers on 18 hour shifts?

3) Car Camping – Adding a shit ton more camping didn’t make for a better festival experience, it just made for a lot more disorganization, too many people and it changed the Coachella Festival crowd. This is not Phish fest -Coachella festival fans come from all different walks of life and we don’t want the festival to turn into an all camping experience.

4) It didn’t need fixing, why did Goldenvoice go and break it?

Post all your thoughts about what went wrong and we’ll share it with everyone else feeling used and abused by Clusterfuckchella 2010


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More clusterfuck that was today

I swore today (Saturday) that I would never come to another Coachella. Coachella is an event, not just a music fest. The event includes traffic flow, parking, and security – AND THEY ALL FAIL.

Today it took an hour to get to the parking lot I parked in yesterday, using the shortcut on Washington. So I get to the parking lot, AND IT IS FUCKING CLOSED DAMMIT! The lot holds FUCKING thousands of cars, but they said they wouldn’t open it until the Monroe lots were full. So it took an hour & 40 fucking minutes before I was able to park. And I took the shortcut, GOD DAMMIT. And there were thousands like me. Of course, it was worse for people who followed GV’s directions. Cars overheating. People parking in the street & walking around because there was no FUCKING traffic flow. I sat in my car with the heater on to keep from overheating my car.

It is totally avoidable. Why aren’t ALL parking lots open? It was a totally unnecessary waste of time, fuel, and resources to have thousands of cars stranded because they refused to open the FUCKING parking lot on Ave 52. Did I say no FUCKING excuse? Hours later, & it still steams me. I missed John Waters & the photo meet-up, as well.

GV – fire your traffic/parking people, and get with it next year. There is NO FUCKING EXCUSE for such terrible clusterfucks this year. This is my 4th Coachella, and this is by far the most discouraging.

I dread my trip tomorrow. I hope it’s better, but I doubt it. IT’S JUST SO FUCKING STUPID.

I never write this much. I usually just post silly pictures, but this was not silly & it will bite GV in butt if the clusterFUCKS are not addressed.


-reposted from the coachella messageboards. Thanks gaypalmsprings!


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The clusterfuck that was today

It only took me 1 hour from my house to the Coachella parking lot. Another 15 minutes to get to the gate. And an hour waiting in line! There were no lines getting in, it was just a mob…a very patient & hot one at that. Then there was a second security line to get in. Coachella was totally unprepared for so many people at one time. As such, I missed the 40+ get-together. From parking lot to the Beer Garden, 1 hour 40 minutes.

-reposted from the coachella messageboads. thanks gaypalmsprings!

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Send us your photos and we’ll post them!

Please send your photos to submit at clusterfuckchella dot com

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Hello Music Fans!

We’re so disappointed with the organizers of Coachella this year, we had to create this site so we can help others vent their frustrations and hopefully get changes made for next year’s show. We need pictures… we need your stories. Thanks!

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