More clusterfuck that was today

I swore today (Saturday) that I would never come to another Coachella. Coachella is an event, not just a music fest. The event includes traffic flow, parking, and security – AND THEY ALL FAIL.

Today it took an hour to get to the parking lot I parked in yesterday, using the shortcut on Washington. So I get to the parking lot, AND IT IS FUCKING CLOSED DAMMIT! The lot holds FUCKING thousands of cars, but they said they wouldn’t open it until the Monroe lots were full. So it took an hour & 40 fucking minutes before I was able to park. And I took the shortcut, GOD DAMMIT. And there were thousands like me. Of course, it was worse for people who followed GV’s directions. Cars overheating. People parking in the street & walking around because there was no FUCKING traffic flow. I sat in my car with the heater on to keep from overheating my car.

It is totally avoidable. Why aren’t ALL parking lots open? It was a totally unnecessary waste of time, fuel, and resources to have thousands of cars stranded because they refused to open the FUCKING parking lot on Ave 52. Did I say no FUCKING excuse? Hours later, & it still steams me. I missed John Waters & the photo meet-up, as well.

GV – fire your traffic/parking people, and get with it next year. There is NO FUCKING EXCUSE for such terrible clusterfucks this year. This is my 4th Coachella, and this is by far the most discouraging.

I dread my trip tomorrow. I hope it’s better, but I doubt it. IT’S JUST SO FUCKING STUPID.

I never write this much. I usually just post silly pictures, but this was not silly & it will bite GV in butt if the clusterFUCKS are not addressed.


-reposted from the coachella messageboards. Thanks gaypalmsprings!



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3 responses to “More clusterfuck that was today

  1. Great site!
    Here’s my story.

  2. Kola

    Glad FNM played in San Fran so I could spare the trip. Hope at least you had a great time Sunday.

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