Clusterfuckchella comes to an end. Now what?

We’ve spent the weekend outside the festival reading all the message boards, tweets, facebook posts and email comments from others who were scammed by scalpers/counterfeiters, those who waited in long lines to get in, many with parking horror stories and everyone feeling the crunch of too large a crowd at the 2010 Coachella Festival.

Now that it has come to an end and it seems the consensus is that it was in fact a huge ‘clusterfuck’, what can we as fans do to get our old Coachella back? We can make sure that Goldenvoice knows everything that went wrong. So here’s how we break it down:

1) The Three-Day pass only – worst idea ever. By selling single day tickets, Goldenvoice forced more people to attend each day, creating the overcrowding and the scalpers scammers market. the ticket conversion to wristband process also made for long lines.

2) In’s and Out’s – had to be done to accommodate the three day pass, but made for more drunk guests and likely had impact on all the vomit stories we heard. Also contributed to scalped wristbands and people sneaking in and making the event more crowded

2) Insufficient staffing – too few staff on hand EVERYWHERE. Where are the parking attendants from years past? why are there only 9 staffers scanning tickets? Why do none of the staff have consistent answers? Was there no training? Are they really volunteers on 18 hour shifts?

3) Car Camping – Adding a shit ton more camping didn’t make for a better festival experience, it just made for a lot more disorganization, too many people and it changed the Coachella Festival crowd. This is not Phish fest -Coachella festival fans come from all different walks of life and we don’t want the festival to turn into an all camping experience.

4) It didn’t need fixing, why did Goldenvoice go and break it?

Post all your thoughts about what went wrong and we’ll share it with everyone else feeling used and abused by Clusterfuckchella 2010



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3 responses to “Clusterfuckchella comes to an end. Now what?

  1. Coachella 2010 SUCKS

    I was a volunteer through W.E.T. and saw that nobody had any clue what was going on. No volunteers were trained for anything. There was no information, no orientation, nothing.

    I heard many were abused by staff managers who said we would have to work all our hours or else we’d lose our $325 deposit. We were forced to work on crap and I saw other volunteers had to work security gates, which is a major liability.

  2. alex and amy

    first and foremost, we live for our music festivals. Coachella is our annual kickoff for the full season ahead… and while past years have been “tight”… this year was downright shameful.
    Yes, you would expect in previous years that the main coachella stage would be packed to the brim for headliners and well known acts. This year? Literally couldn’t surface the crowds at 2:00pm performances… fucked up.
    Pushing, pulling, screaming…. drunk 13 year olds holding hands with a posse of 10 trying to get to the front.
    All in all…. 1.) bring back single day tickets
    2.) limit the camping (waiting in line for 2 hours for a $4 coffee???!!! or a cold shower?)
    3.) SELL LESS TICKETS or EXPAND THE GROUNDS AND TENTS…. I would like to see what I paid for.
    Greedy corporate assholes: listen to the people who go for the right reasons and fix it! 2009 was just fine.

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