Please comment here if you were scammed by a scalper and bought counterfeit tickets and/or wristbands! We even heard there were scams going around for places to stay.


5 responses to “Scammed?

  1. angry coachella goer

    Did anyone else get scammed by a guy selling fake all access passes yesterday (saturday) out of the La Quinta Resort?

  2. Patrick

    I was ripped off at the event on Sunday by a dirtbag kid from LA named Robert Salehi. He sold my friend & I tickets that he said weren’t used. Turns out they were…whould’ve thought? Kid was pretty dumb, though, bc he sold us tickets with his (supposed) friends’ names on them. I found one of them on Facebook and am now working on her to get me in touch with this dirtbag. I have no sympathy for anyone who feels the need to steal from others but is privileged enough to pay $300+ to go to a festival.

    My friend & I could only go for Sunday, and was looking fwd to seeing Yo La Tengo – Spoon – Pavement…and disappointed to learn there was no place to purchase single day tickets legitimately, even though on Coachella’s website was reporting that tickets would be available at the box office the day of the show. That turned out to be untrue, which led to many of us in the lot and on the grounds to get scammed.

    If anyone knows Robert Salehi in LA please let him know that his misdeeds will catch up with his ass. Dirtbag.


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